Here’s the ‘Worst’ ‘Glee’ Cover Song Ever, According to Darren Criss

The cast of the Fox musical comedy series, assisted by Adam Lambert, performed a puppet-show edition of the 2013 viral comedy hit — which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 — during the seventh episode of season 5 titled “Puppet Master.”

“It was so weird. It was one of these 15 minutes of fame for this song, and I don’t know, they just decided to put it in the show,” he said. “I had fun because it was ridiculous. But we were so deep into the show, we were like fourth or fifth season, and we were just sorta delirious from the absurdity of it. For me, the more absurd it is, the funnier it is to me.”

Listen to Criss talk about how he feels about the “ridiculous” cover performance around the 51-minute mark below, and relive Glee‘s “What Does the Fox Say” too.

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