Here’s How Jordan Chiles Supported BFF Simone Biles After Her Olympics Withdrawal

In fact, Biles called a team huddle to address her individual performance.

“She had said she believed she couldn’t do it, and that she didn’t want to injure herself because she didn’t want the team to go down because of her, and she at least wanted us to get a medal,” Chiles revealed. “So when she told us, it was like a team thing. She’s like, ‘Hey guys, I don’t feel comfortable doing this, I’m not there. Something’s not right.'”

As for Chiles’ reaction? “All three of us, like the other three girls, we’re like, well guys, this is our time to go,” Chiles reflected. “We just have to show the last bits and pieces that we have in ourselves and just go out there and have fun.” 

The USA women’s gymnastics team ultimately landed a silver medal, and Biles later returned to the competition for the balance beam final, earning bronze.

“It feels so amazing,” Chiles gushed about the team victory. “Honestly, whenever I look at [the medal], I’m just in shock, I’m in awe, because I’m just like, I actually did that. Looking back to, like, when I was younger, just putting in all the work and effort that we did and finally having something in my hand that makes me feel like I accomplished something, it’s amazing.”

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