Gunna Files Fourth Motion For Bond

Just days after being denied bond for the third time, Gunna’s legal team has filed a fourth motion to secure his bond.

According to documents viewed by Complex and Rolling Stone on Monday (October 17), Gunna’s attorney, Steve Sadow, said the state has “failed to show adequate proof” that his client would be prone to “intimidating witnesses” if released.

“The defense produced real evidence that Kitchens is a good candidate for pretrial bond and has offered an abundance of conditions that will reasonably assure the Court that Kitchens poses no significant risk or threat to any person,” the filing reportedly reads. “Yet, for some unknown reason, the Court has repeatedly ignored this evidence and the proposed conditions.”

Sadow described Gunna’s incarceration as a “miscarriage of justice” and has guaranteed his client’s innocence on all charges against him.

Gunna — born Sergio Kitchens — was denied bond for the third time on October 13 by Judge Ural Glanville over concerns of witness intimidation.

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“The other challenge that our imperfect system hasn’t figured out a way to deal with other than reconsidering the issue of bond and changing circumstances of bond is [to] acknowledge for proof that may or may not come to trial, but the state brings that burden at this point in time,” he explained.

“And it’s not a perfect system in the sense that we won’t know until that point in time whether or not many of these statements that have been preferred by the state will come to pass. But at this point in time, I don’t find any change in circumstances that would allow me or move me [to] changing my decision as to bond.”

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Gunna was arrested in May and his trial is currently set to begin on January 9, 2023. Although, it could be delayed to March 2023 as Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis made a request to push the trial back two months in order for all defendants in the YSL RICO case to get legal representation.

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