Grimes Shares New Song ‘Love’ in Response to ‘Harassment by Paparazzis’ After Elon Musk Split

Grimes is not allowing the media attention concerning her high-profile breakup from SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to have an effect on her. On Thursday (Sept. 30), the “Violence” singer released a new song titled “Love” to address her feelings about the heightened media scrutiny surrounding her personal life and directly called out members of the paparazzi who reportedly harassed her.

“I wrote and produced this song this week in response to all the privacy invasion, bad press, online hate and harassment by paparazzis I’ve experienced this week,” the art-pop singer wrote on Instagram beneath a two-minute video that features her making sultry facial expressions and showing off razor-sharp nails caressing a lightsaber while wind passes through a white sheet over her head.

“It f—ing sucks to be awake/ Oh Lord I pray my soul to take/ nobody understands because/ Everything they hate/ Is everything I love,” her airy vocals start off. “Every night I/ Tell myself I’d rather die/ Than heed your rage../ Go on and say it!/ When you hate me../ Think it fixes you to break me?/ I’ll never fight you back because/ Everything you hate/ Is everything I love.”

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