GloRilla Claps Back At Lil Duval For Mocking Her Name

GloRilla wants Lil Duval to put some respect on her name.

The First Lady of CMG fired back at the comedian over the weekend, who joked about how no people in their early 20s and younger should still be named Gloria, which is GloRilla’s legal name.

“Nobody born after 2000 should be name Brenda, Linda, or Gloria,” Duval declared to Twitter.

GloRilla — born Gloria Woods — responded by taking a shot at Duval still having “Lil” in front of his name well into his 40s.

“Nobody over da age of 45 shouldn’t still have ‘lil’ in they name,” she replied and the tweet now has over 123,000 likes as of press time.

Lil Duval took the jab in stride as he agreed that he’s still vertically-challenged in his older age so the name sticks.

“I’m lil tho,” he added.

On the music side, Glo is preparing for the release of her Anyways, Life’s Great project, which arrives on November 11 and includes previously released singles such as the Cardi B-assisted “Tomorrow 2” and “Blessed.”

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