Freddie Gibbs Warns Akademiks Not To ‘Lose [His] Life’ As Twitter Beef Heats Up

Freddie Gibbs and DJ Akademiks reignited their war of words last week when Gangsta Gibbs insinuated he’d run the fade when he next sees Akademiks. After the podcaster/media personality posted a video of a fight between Kay Flock and Ron Suno at Rolling Loud New York, the ESGN rapper replied, “I hope you post it when I run into you.”

A back-and-forth ensued as Akademiks mocked Freddie Gibbs for his Twitter fingers, while Gibbs revealed he has Ak’s home address and claimed he could’ve “smoked” him already, but instead he’s “letting n-ggaz breathe The Lord’s good oxygen.”

Despite Freddie Gibbs vowing to stay out of trouble, that didn’t stop the beef from heating up once again on Tuesday (November 2). Following a couple of light jabs from Freddie over Akademiks’ recent interview with Brittany Renner, the Off The Record podcast host fired back by bringing up the time Gibbs was shot at in New York in 2014.

“Don’t talk about you coulda done this, done that,” he said during a livestream. “Harv [a member of 6ix9ine’s Tr3yway crew] shot at you! 6ix9ine told us that, n-gga … You ain’t get no get-back. You ran from New York like a bitch. Stop playing with me, n-gga. Acting like you some big bad n-gga because I’m a blogger? You can’t beef with no rapper?”

Akademiks continued his tirade on Twitter by mocking Freddie Gibbs for being an “internet gangsta” while goading him to “stop tweeting” and “start spinning.” He also vowed to “ignore him from now on” (which didn’t last long).

Needless to say, Gangsta Gibbs didn’t take kindly to Akademiks’ tweets. The Gary, Indiana native returned fire by telling the podcaster to “shut yo pussy ass up” before posting a video meme with the caption, “Me singing at Akademiks funeral.”

The tone of his threats turned sinister when Gibbs later warned Akademiks, “Last time U lost your job don’t lose your life trying to make a point that u can’t prove.”

The exchange didn’t end there. Akademiks responded by claiming Gibbs cooperated with police over the 2014 New York shooting while hurling insults such as “fake gangsta,” “clout chasing bitch” and “hoe ass n-gga” at the Alfredo rapper.

He ended his rant by telling Freddie he’ll be in Los Angeles in two weeks and inviting him to “do whatever.”

Freddie Gibbs has yet to respond to Akademiks’ most recent tweets, although he was active on Twitter in the early hours of Wednesday morning (November 3) as he watched the Atlanta Braves beat the Houston Astros to win the World Series. “Damn astros,” he joked with noted Astros fan Bun B.

Freddie Gibbs Drags Akademiks As Online Beef Is Revived: ‘I Be Letting A Lot Of N-ggaz Breathe…’

Freddie Gibbs and DJ Akademiks’ beef stems from a June 2020 interview Gibbs gave in which he called his former label boss and fellow rival Jeezy musically “irrelevant.” Akademiks fired back and said, “If Jeezy is irrelevant, Freddie Gibbs, you are absolutely irrelevant as well.”

Since then, the spat has erupted numerous times, with Freddie Gibbs threatening to “torture” Akademiks until he quits his job and clowning him for being “fired” from Complex‘s now-defunct web series Everyday Struggle.

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