“Fired Up” Tom Brady Spotted Screaming at Bucs Teammates During Game Against Steelers

Tom Brady‘s emotions got the best of him once again.

During broadcast of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Oct. 16, the quarterback, 45, was seen cursing out his teammates, criticizing the way they played the first half of the away game.

“You are so much better than the way you’re f–king playing!” Tom yelled, per CBS News, at his offensive linemen as they trailed the Steelers 10-6. “You get your f–king ass kicked!” 

Following Tom’s remarks, announcer Joe Davis said, “He is fired up, talking to his offense along the sidelines.”

Despite the tough love from the seven-time Super Bowl champ, the Buccaneers went on to lose the game 20-18, giving the team their third loss of the season. 

Tom’s outburst comes nearly a month after he issued an apology for his behavior during the Bucs’ Sept. 18 game against the New Orleans Saints, which included him throwing a tablet on the sidelines, yelling at his teammates and hurling his helmet to the ground.

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