Find Out the Most Money YouTube Star Carter Sharer Has Ever Spent on a Car

Everyone has a hobby, and for YouTube star Carter Sharer, it’s collecting cool cars.

Amassing a collection of more than 10 vehicles requires a fair amount of dedication, not to mention a fair amount of cash. During a rapid-fire question round on the latest episode of E! News’ digital series DRIVE!, the YouTuber revealed the surprising amount he’s ever spent on one of his cars.

“$500,000,” Carter told host Austin J. Mills while driving around in his pink Porsche Macan S, which is also the very first car he ever purchased. As for the smallest amount he’s ever spent on a car? “Maybe like $10,000-ish,” he said before correcting himself, saying, “Actually, $5,000.”

Though he didn’t reveal which of his cars boasted the massive price tag, Carter did give Austin a rundown of his collection—or at least the cars he can remember, as he confessed he’s “lost count” of his vehicles.

“I’ve got [a] Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Countach, Hummer H1, this Porsche Macan S, Lincoln Navigator, 1964 Volkswagen Dune Buggy,” the 28-year-old shared. “I have this Japanese import microvan I just got, I have a 1984 monster truck, I have a limo.”

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