Fake Drake Reveals How Much He Gets Paid To Perform The Real Drake’s Songs

Fake Drake is turning into more than just a fleeting viral moment. Drake‘s doppelgänger (who goes by the name Izzy) has been running amok in Miami for the last few months, and it’s reached the point where he’s actually getting paid to make appearances.

On Monday (May 9), DJ Akademiks shared a clip on Instagram showing Fake Drake performing in front of a small crowd. The lookalike had people on the makeshift stage with him as he did his best rendition of Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” (with a backing track, of course). However, it’s his alleged performance fee that fans are losing their minds over.

The video’s caption read, “$5K a show @izzyydrake.” There’s no confirmation on that figure, but if it’s anywhere close to that amount, then the doppelgänger business might be the next big lucrative thing.

Fake Drake has been staying in character since gaining viral fame last October and is now claiming the real Drake is copying his style, including the Certified Lover Boy heart shaved in his hair.

Fake Drake Claims The Real Drake Copied His Style

“I’ve had the heart for like a year and a half,” he said during a recent appearance on The Fan Bus. “I have the heart because, you know, if you do things with your heart, it’ll come back.”

He added, “I seen Drake rocking with this jacket, it was this black furry jacket, and I had that jacket, like, two and a half years ago. I’m not even kidding.”

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