Fake Drake & Lil Durk Lookalike Drop Their Own ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ Remix

Two of Hip Hop’s biggest impersonators are trying to transform their recent fame into a legitimate music career.

Fake Drake and Lil Durk’s doppelgänger linked up to remix their twins’ Grammy-nominated track “Laugh Now Cry Later,” and previewed the revamp on their social media. The new song comes after the duo hung out for a weekend back in April, which they dubbed the “Attack of the Clones.”

The duo filmed two TikTok videos together which showed them “performing” the original “Laugh Now Cry Later” hit by the 6 God and Smurk. They also ran through “In the Bible” while relaxing outside a residence in Miami. The pair was also recently spotted out at a club together.

The two have been having quite a year. Fake Drake – otherwise known as Izzy Drake because his first name is Izzy – became a trending topic last year after Tory Lanez jokingly shared him on his Instagram story. From there, Izzy began popping up at nightclub events and even performed some of Drake’s biggest hits for crowds, which he later said often cost promoters $5,000 a night. Aubrey Graham was made aware of his twin, but apparently met with Izzy and gave him his blessing.

“He didn’t really give a fuck, you know? That was the whole thing,” Izzy Drake said in a sit-down with No Jumper.

As for Perkio, he developed a relationship with the OTF head after he went viral for shutting down a Broward County shopping mall for a Lil Durk “meet and greet.” In a 15-minute video captured of the debacle, YouTuber King Cid went all out to convince eager fans they were hanging with the Chicago rhymer, when instead they were chilling with a lookalike.

Just days later, Durk cast his dreadlocked twin in his latest music video for “Blocklist,” and even brought him out on stage during his recent 7220 Tour stop in Miami.

Revisit the legitimate “Laugh Now Cry Later” below.

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