Ex-NFL Star Brandon Marshall Exposes 6ix9ine’s Instagram DM Temper Tantrum

The 6ix9ine and fake Lil Durk (also known as Perkio) saga has taken another turn. After former NFL star Brandon Marshall invited Nelk Boys’ Steve Will Do It on his I Am Athlete podcast to explain the entire situation last week, 6ix9ine hopped into the podcast co-host’s DMs to berate the ex-New York Jets wide receiver.

“Suck my whole fucking dick,” he wrote to Marshall on Instagram over the weekend. “Steven didn’t know ya was belittling him and laughing at him now with him but I peeped. that’s why u are where u at right now holding onto something u will never have again a career… u just another n-gga who made it to the league.”

Marshall exposed the messages on Sunday (May 1) and joked about how he may need to find a second career outside of media with 6ix9ine on his back.

“I may need to rethink my career path,” he captioned the post. “Trolls are now mad at me.”

Marshall and co-host LeSean “Shady” McCoy confronted Steve about getting involved in the Lil Durk versus 6ix9ine beef considering there’s a legitimate feud going on. For starters, 6ix9ine continues to troll the loss of Durk’s protégé King Von, who was killed in November 2020.

Last week, 6ix9ine attempted to trick the Lil Durk look-alike to meet up with him for a video shoot where he presented him with a jacket featuring King Von’s image on the back.

“I left that day after it and 6ix9ine is all happy cutting up his video and he’s pumped up,” Steve explains around the 11:30 mark. “Me and my friends, we’re pissed. We got used. I was walking out of there and I said, ‘That’s not cool.’ If 6ix9ine wants to do something like that, he should ask me.”

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Lil Durk also appeared on the Steve-affiliated Full Send Podcast earlier this year. Steve doesn’t plan on working with 6ix9ine on any content going forward. Meanwhile, 6ix9ine’s  confidant, Akademiks, even shamed 6ix9ine for pulling the Perkio stunt.

6ix9ine Claims Fake Lil Durk Was Paid $7K To Do Video Wearing King Von Jacket

“I’ve repeatedly said to 6ix9ine, ‘I don’t know what your issue is with Lil Durk.’ Man, him and Lil Durk never seen each other in life, you feel me,” he said. “They never ever saw each other. Like, this is a make-believe beef.”

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