Eminem Recalls Bleach Blonde Slim Shady ‘Knocking On Death’s Door’ In New GRIP Verse

Eminem is giving Atlanta rapper GRIP the ultimate welcome to Shady Records by blessing him with a verse on “Walkthough!” for his I Died for This!? album, which arrived on Friday (August 27).

Co-produced by Eminem, MTK and TU!, the song finds Marshall Mathers reflecting on styling bleach blonde hair during his younger days amid struggles with drug addiction.

“My head, something’s wrong with it,” he raps. “But that makes me me, I’m different/That lyrical phenom misfit/Since I was a bleach blonde who hear the beat hung/This bitch makes me only think of demonic shit/I was knocking on death’s door, I fucking ding-dong ditched it.”

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During a recent interview with ePro, GRIP explained how he recorded “Walkthough!” specifically for Eminem after his project was finished.

“When I figured out that Em was gonna jump on some shit, I was trying to scramble and make a song,” GRIP said. “All the songs were pretty much complete, and I didn’t want to just throw him on some track that’s already done. I pretty much had to make a song from scratch for him to be on. I had to pick which beat I could hear him on and all of that shit.”

He continued, “It was cool, though. It was cool, but that was probably the most challenging. And then I’m like, ‘Damn, it’s Eminem. I gotta come with that shit because if I don’t, he’s going to fucking annihilate me.’ I feel like he’s gonna go hard regardless, but I just had to craft something dope for him. It was almost like cooking for a chef.”

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GRIP was in the movie theater when he found out Eminem would be sending his verse and ended up hearing it for the first time in his car. He told Rap Portraits, “[Eminem] went the fuck off and of course he mentioned my name, so…”

The verse is Eminem’s second appearance in August following his feature on “EPMD 2” off Nas’ King’s Disease II album – revisit the track below.

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