Drake Gets ‘Bullied’ By Geese In His Own Backyard

Toronto, CA – Like any homeowner, Drake has to deal with pesky animals that come onto his property and do whatever they want. The 6 God recently dealt with such a situation when he was just trying to catch some sunny vibes in his backyard.

On Thursday (May 12), Drizzy took to his Instagram Story to show fans the dire predicament at his mansion in Toronto, Canada. According to the story, Drake couldn’t walk around in his backyard due to a pair of geese that have been pooping all over the property over the last few months. If that wasn’t bad enough, a duck decided to raise its family close by.

“Hottest day of the year, and we can’t even enjoy the backyard because we’re being fucking bullied by these two right here who have literally shit on every inch of the property for the past month and a half,” Drake said in the clip. “And you know how geese get, plus we got a duck family over here. Like my whole crib has just been repoed.”

Geese are known to be aggressive, especially when it comes to sharing space and protecting their young. It’s pretty annoying in Drake’s case, especially when he coughed up $100 million to build his sprawling 50,000-square foot mansion he calls The Embassy.

While he’s trying to enjoy the incoming hot weather at home, Drake is prepping to be outside in a big way. On Friday (May 13), the Certified Lover Boy made a surprise appearance during UK rapper Dave’s show in Toronto and announced the return of OVO Fest in 2022.

Drake Announces OVO Fest’s Return While Performing With UK Rapper Dave In Toronto

“Toronto, please, like I said, this guy right here is a once in a generation talent,” he said on stage. “Whether he’s rapping, pouring out his heart, whether he’s turning all the way up, whether he’s playing the piano, whether he’s acting in our show, Top Boy, I promise you this guy right here is a one of one. Make some muthafucking noise for Dave.”

He added, “I love you with all my heart. They let the city back open so I will see you at OVO Fest soon.”

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