Disney’s ‘Hercules’ is Having a Moment Thanks to Lizzo’s New Video

It’s a comparison Lizzo essentially signed off on, as the singer posted a fan-created version of “Rumors” on Twitter, set to that exact scene in the animated film. “Y’all really get me,” Lizzo wrote in a tweet, alongside a blushing emoji.

Originally released in 1997, Hercules is getting a lot of renewed attention this week. In addition to (possibly) inspiring Lizzo’s new music video, the film got a shout-out from Aretha star, Jennifer Hudson, who revealed that she played Calliope, the head muse, on a Disney cruise ship back in the day. Asked if she would be interested in starring in a Hercules remake, Hudson replied with a simple, “I’m ready, just roll the camera” (A live-action remake of Hercules is reportedly in the works so Hudson’s dream may just come true).

In the original cartoon version, Hercules’ “muses” are depicted as five black women who are seen at once as spiritual guides, dancers and background singers. Voices for the muses (inspired by the muses Calliope, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Thalia and Clio in Greek mythology) included Vaneese Thomas, TV star Roz Ryan, and Broadway star LaChanze.

If you want to watch Hercules online, the animated film is streaming now for free on Disney+ (with a Disney+ subscription). The film is also available to rent or buy on Amazon (choose to stream Hercules online via Prime Video or purchase Hercules on Blu-ray/DVD).

The success of the original Hercules spawned a direct-to-video follow-up, titled Hercules: Zero to Hero, and an animated series fittingly titled, Hercules: The Animated Series. While there isn’t a way to stream Hercules: Zero to Hero online right now, you can stream Hercules: The Animated Series on Disney+ here.

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