Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol Teases Premiere Date in Epic Puzzle

You can channel your inner Robert Langdon with this impressively crafted crossword puzzle.

On Sunday, August 1, Peacock revealed the premiere date for their upcoming thriller series, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. However, rather than just send out a press release with the date, the NBCUniversal streaming service created intrigue and anticipation by burying the date in a custom-made crossword puzzle for The New York Times.

If you’re not a subscriber to the New York Times, don’t fret, as Peacock also released the puzzle on Twitter. The post teased, “Fans of Dan Brown’s #TheLostSymbol: it’s your time! Solve this crossword to reveal the truth.”

Before long, followers began to uncover the secret message, “Watch September Sixteenth.”

And, on Monday, August 2, the streaming service confirmed the date by releasing a reveal video, which had many puzzle-solvers feeling particularly proud. “Seems like I got exactly 45 days to reread my favorite book,” one fan tweeted in response. “(I hope I got everything right!)”

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