Coi Leray’s Dad Benzino Sides With DaBaby In DaniLeigh Instagram Spat

Coi Leray‘s dad Ray Benzino stopped by VladTV to speak on DaBaby‘s live-streamed argument with DaniLeigh, and said that he sides with DaBaby.

“He did it right, he didn’t put his hands on her, that’s number one,” Benzino said of DaBaby’s decision to live stream the dispute and call the police on the mother of his most recent child.

“Whatever they had between them, with their newborn baby, is between them. I can’t have an opinion one way or the other cause I really don’t know what happened. I can’t judge Baby for what he did. There might have been a lot of reasons why he did what he did that only he knows. There might have been reasons to keep him out of a domestic violence situation that people don’t understand.”

Benzino also contested the narrative that Baby tossed Dani and his daughter out on the street.

“I’m sure he wasn’t just throwing her out on the curb, you know what I’m saying? I’m sure there was a driver in place and there was somewhere for her to go… I just don’t think she was just gonna be homeless,” Benzino said.

Benzino also expressed his belief that women sometimes let their emotions get the better of them. “Women have a tendency to get emotional and make things a lot worse than what they are, and when the man is the breadwinner, the star, they’re gonna try to do anything in their power to make him look bad,” the veteran rapper said. “That don’t mean that I’m jumping on man’s bandwagon against women, that’s just how I see it. Again, things like that could go a lot worse, and they didn’t.”

Following DaBaby’s Instagram Live broadcast of the dispute on November 14, the rapper penned a statement on his Instagram Story saying that recording the fight with DaniLeigh was to protect his “safety” and “reputation” He accused the singer of making “multiple threats of setting up [an] internet scheme” and “refusing to not let me go.”

DaniLeigh pushed back against Baby’s claims, writing in her own statement that the fight arose over Plan B contraceptive due to the pair having unprotected sex. “This all goes to say that this man is a fucking coward !!!!!” she wrote. “Fuck u Baby!!! And damn I really shoulda jus listened to the cap ass internet about this man!!! … And Im sorry to my baby that her father is kicking her out her home at 3 months.”

Check out a piece of the interview with Ray Benzino below.

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