Chrissy Teigen Nearly Flashes Ellen DeGeneres During Surprise Show Visit With John Legend: Watch

Avert your eyes! Chrissy Teigen almost gave Ellen DeGeneres a NSFW goodbye when the cookbook author and husband John Legend surprised the comedian on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday (May 18).

The duo, who were not on the comedian’s expected list of guests for the day’s show, announced their arrival by screaming her name from behind a set of moving walls. “Let us in!” the 12-time Grammy winner insisted as DeGeneres looked around to see who it was.


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The giant walls then parted, and the superstar couple walked onto the stage, Teigen in a figure-hugging, supermini lavender dress, and Legend in a dark floral shirt and matching pants. After the musician sat down on the single-seat couch, the model moved to sit on his lap, one hand placed demurely over the crotch of her itty bitty dress. Their host immediately gave her a blue notecard to prevent any accidental exposure.

“That’s good, actually, that helps a lot, thank you!” Tiegen said gratefully.

But DeGeneres wasn’t done being a good host yet. “I don’t have any … oh here’s a tissue!” she offered as the pair cracked up.

With everyone all covered up, they reflected on the couple’s various visits to the show, which is ending after 19 seasons.

“John, when I had you on the show it was the second season and I said ‘up-and-coming singer,’” DeGeneres recalled as a photo of Legend’s first appearance on her talk show in 2005 popped up on the giant screen behind them.

“It was my first single!” the award-winning musician laughed. “My first single, ‘Used to Love U,’ on my first album Get Lifted. I was 25? 26 probably? Yeah, 26. … I’m 43 now, for perspective.”

The three also reminisced about some of Tiegen’s visits, including the time she literally popped up unexpectedly when her husband was guest hosting in 2019. “It was the worst surprise ever!” Teigen laughed, recalling how she couldn’t get out of the box. “You need a lot of upper-body strength!”

But most of all, the celebrity couple wanted to thank the comedian. “I think this is one of my first shows — I remember you guys being so warm and welcoming and so nice, and I was so scared to meet you!” Tiegen told DeGeneres. “And from that first meeting, I fell in love, and then I’ve obviously grown up watching you, and seeing you do this show, and seeing how happy you make people, it’s just really inspiring and so amazing. You are goals in a million different ways!”

Concluded Legend: “We love you!”

Watch John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen’s surprise goodbye for DeGeneres below:

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