Cheat Sheet: Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant and Zac Efron Graces Us With His Presence

We’re all in this together.

Happy Friday, friends. Welcome to this week’s Cheat Sheet, your roundup of the biggest pop culture stories to help you understand what everyone on Twitter timeline is going off about or to celebrate Zac Efron‘s TikTok debut with your fellow millennials. Surely a moment future generations will ask about: “Where were you when you first saw it?”

Aside from the High School Musical star’s viral dance moves, Travis Barker flew for the first time in over a decade, thanks to the support of Kourtney Kardashian, and the photos from their journey might make your eyes rain. Plus, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost welcomed their first child together and their baby’s name is surely one that Carrie Bradshaw would approve of.

Oh, and, you know, Kylie Jenner is totally preggo with baby No. 2. NBD.

Here’s all the celeb news you need to know about that went down recently: 

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