Bow Wow Gets Rejected By AEW Wrestler

Bow Wow is looking to make a pivot in his career to wrestling in the AEW next year.

While making his pitch for a professional wrestling contract, Bow Wow also engaged in a flirtatious back-and-forth on Twitter with AEW diva Jade Cargill.

The Like Mike star shifted his focus from feuding with superstar Swerve Strickland to shooting his shot with Jade Cargill, who shut Bow Wow down and explained she already had a man.

“After my first win i just wanna take you out somewhere…. @Jade_Cargill,” he confidently wrote to Twitter on Monday (October 31).

She responded with a shot at Bow Wow’s bank account: “You can’t afford me Bow. Thanks but no thanks.”

Cargill went on to explain that she wasn’t kidding and stated that her checks could match up with his.

“You a 90s baby J,” Bow Wow replied. “I been getting money before you could put your first sentence together. You fine and all … but dont crash out love you baby.”

Although she shut him down, Jade admitted she bumped a ton of Bow Wow’s music growing up like millions of other fans.

“My man makes your bank look like LIL Bow Wow baby. Don’t come for me,” she added. “We have play dates with your money. It’s all love though. I brought your tape when I was like 7. Like everyone did.”

At the end of their playful exchange, Bow Wow respected her boundaries since she is married outside of her AEW character’s existence and saluted her curving him.

“U got me outta mine when i shot my shot. I dont do that but ima respect the curve,” he said. “I know u locked down so…. (Hurts my heart )”

Bow Wow remains on The Millennium Tour for the rest of November but don’t be surprised to see him make an AEW appearance next year.

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