Blake Moynes Reveals How He Really Felt About Katie Thurston and Greg Grippo’s Hostile Exchange

The Seattle native said it was the first time she got to “address” the anger she felt. “In terms of closure with my emotions for Greg, that’s not there. I’m very happy. But people do need to recognize that you’re entitled to your emotions and your anger,” she explained.

But Katie said she likely would have ended up with Blake regardless of whether Greg left or not. 

“I remember the daytime portion with Greg still seemed a little bit off,” she recalled. “I was already starting to kind of have my doubts, and then with how things went [that night] it just kind of solidified where my thinking was initially anyway. No matter what, had Greg stayed, I still would’ve chosen Blake.”

Things have been coming up roses ever since. During the After the Final Rose special, Katie acknowledged their love only “continues to grow stronger and stronger.” 

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