BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reflects on Her Solo Project ‘Lalisa’: ‘It’s Time for Me to Shine’

Lisa is the third member of BLACKPINK to release a solo project. Jennie paved the way, releasing her aptly titled tune “Solo” in 2018. She was followed by Rosé, who dropped her single album, -R-, in March this year. Jisoo will be the final one to release solo music.

In the interview, Lisa also gave a detailed account on what it was like to meet her fellow BLACKPINK members  during their training days at YG Entertainment.

“I met Jennie first, and after that I met Jisoo and Rosie. I remember Jennie — she was the only one to say ‘hi’ to me in English because other people can’t talk in English, so we were super close,” Lisa shared. “Jisoo unnie … I remember when I first saw her, she wore a red hoodie … seriously, every day she wore that to practice. And as for Rosie, she had a guitar with her. I was like, ‘Wow, she’s from Australia. She’s the same age as me, which is really cool to have a new friend come in.'”

Watch Lisa’s full interview below.

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