Billboard and VersusGame Launch User-Generated Pop Culture Games

Since the launch of VersusGame in 2019, the mobile platform has gained more than 9.5 million players who profit off pop culture predictions and events through interactive games.

“We are very excited about this innovative partnership and what it brings to the VersusGame and Billboard audiences,” shared John Vitti, CEO of VersusGame. “There has never been a collaboration of this kind that provides the ability for fans to gamify the music industry. It will alter the way consumers interact with their favorite artists and songs, and will provide exciting new pop culture content, prizes and monetization opportunities to our users through on-going games and challenges.”

Julian Holguin, president of Billboard, also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to offer audiences new ways to interact with today’s top music and artists through our partnership with VersusGame. Our flagship charts have always played a pivotal role in highlighting what’s trending, so now we’re giving fans the ability to use the charts data and their own knowledge to predict the biggest moments in pop culture. We hope that each game will encourage them to challenge themselves and one another, while celebrating their favorite music.”

Musicians, celebrities and creators such as Jason Derulo, Josh Richards, Noah Beck and Bryce Hall will be announcing games as members of the VersusGame community over the coming weeks.

To make predictions about your favorite songs and musicians, download the app in the App Store, Google Play or at, and follow Billboard on all social media platforms.

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