Australian TV Host Gives On-Air Apology to Adele, Says He’s “Insulted” Her

Adele has not responded publicly to Doran’s apology or to the initial reports of the interview mishap.

During his on-air mea culpa, Doran denied claims that the singer left their interview early. “The interview itself, Adele didn’t walk out,” he said. “It ran overtime.”

Doran said most of the interview focused on Adele’s new music and that the two also “spoke of the paradox that is being the world’s most famous artist but hating fame. We also discussed, at length, the concept of pure artistry, the majesty of Adele’s voice, what it must be like to hear that sound come out of one’s own mouth!”

He also said he learned “How ‘Go Easy on Me’ was conceived in part by singing acapella in the shower,” referring to the singer’s new single “Easy on Me.” Doran said that the interview lasted 29 minutes and called Adele profound, funny, raw and honest.

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