‘Asian Doll Escapes To India’: Dallas Rapper Catches Heat For Culturally Themed Birthday Party

Atlanta, Ga – Asian Doll had major plans to celebrate her 25th birthday next month, but the Indian-themed party is receiving major backlash on social media for cultural appropriation claims which could force her to pivot in another direction.

According to the online invitation, the December 7 “Escape to India” party will be held at Revel in Atlanta and is requiring guests to wear “India clothes” for entry while paying $40 to $60 for a ticket. The invite is promising celebrity appearances, live performances, a red carpet, hookah and more.

Oblivious to the criticism, the Dallas native went on to post several photos of Indian celebrities dressed in kurtas and set the invitation’s theme music to Arabic. She later doubled-down on the party by saying she won’t be changing or apologizing for anything but managed to change the invitation’s theme music this week.

“You bitches live on my dick as I continuously do whatever tf I want to do with no apologies,” she penned on November 29.

One of Asian Doll’s followers even resurfaced an old tweet from her where she stated that Indian food looked “nasty.”

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“I’m at this Indian restaurant what should I order everything look nasty,” she wrote.

Another fan called her out, “How is Asian Doll going to have a ‘Indian’ theme party which is so ignorant. But was just saying Indian food looked/tasted disgusting? Now I feel like the culture is a joke to her.”

As of November 30, it looks as if the party is still on for those in the Atlanta area looking to attend even with the backlash mounting in Asian Doll’s mentions. On the music side, Asian Doll returned on November 10 with her latest single titled “No Exposing.”

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