Ashton Kutcher Trolls Mila Kunis As Payback For “Hazing” Him Over His French Accent

He reminded fans that he and Mila launched Quarantine Wine during the pandemic, which raised $1 million for charity. “We were both blown away by the love and the support,” he said. “Maybe this is something that we could do and should do going forward à la Newman’s Own.”

He then told viewers about their new Outside Wine brand, starting with an “extraordinary” cabernet Syrah blend, with profits going to various charities.

“We partnered with someone else that I admire very much, Tony Hawk, who has this thing called The Skatepark Project and builds skateparks for kids,” he said, while Mila moved the camera to focus on a black dog that wandered into the frame. “You’re just, like, tracking the dog in the middle! Am I that boring?” the Two and a Half Men alum quipped with a smile.

Later in the take, he handed his wine glass to his co-conspirator so he could demonstrate a pour. Mila proudly remarked of her new role, “Look! Props lady.”

At another point, he stopped mid-sentence to shout, “Is that a giant tractor in my serene setting for my amazing wine video? Ah!”

The pranksters (and serial non-bathers) ended with Ashton saying, “I hope you can support us in supporting others through having fun and drinking wine. Cheers!”

Watch their humorous video above.

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