A Refresher For You: Everything to Remember Heading Into Season 3

After a brief tryst, Delilah becomes suspicious that Joe had something to do with Henderson’s death, which results in her being locked in Joe’s Los Angeles-based plexiglass vault (which lives in a storage unit). He promises to let her out, using a handcuffed timer attached to a table.

Delilah is never able to escape the see-through prison, as she is murdered before the timer goes off. Joe, frazzled by this unplanned death, tries to retrace his steps from the night before, where he had taken LSD.

Candace follows Joe to his storage unit, where he is then locked in the vault alongside Delilah’s corpse. Love, who had previously reconciled with Joe, arrives, only to kill Candace and admit to killing Delilah.

While declaring her love for Joe, Love reveals that they are one in the same, with her having killed her brother’s au-pair at a young at age. Tempted to kill his lethal paramour, Joe decides not to after learning Love is pregnant with his child.

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