20 Questions With Red Velvet: K-Pop Queens Talk Shining Together on ‘Queendom’ Mini Album & More

Members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri have sat atop the throne of Billboard‘s World Albums chart with four different projects since their Aug. 1, 2014, debut. Last fall, their 2017 project was crowned the top girl group album of all time on a Billboard poll. While the quintet has at times splintered off for their own solo and unit musical projects, Queendom represents their unity at its finest.

To commemorate the release of Queendom, the members of Red Velvet answered Billboard’s 20 Questions about what lessons they want their ReVeluv fandom to take away from their new project, what lessons they’ve learned about being in Red Velvet for the last seven years, what it really means to be a queen, and which other queen they salute.

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