2 Chainz Starts A Podcast With His Son Halo

2 Chainz is stepping into the podcast game, and he’s bringing his 6-year-old-son Halo Epps along for the ride. Tity Boi and his boy announced on Thursday (June 2) they’re teaming up for a new podcast called Me & Halo, and the 44-year-old rap star seems to ask his son all the hard questions in the pod’s first episode.

“What grade are you in?” Chainz asked.

“Kindergarten bout to be in first grade the day after tomorrow,” Halo replied. Chainz followed it up with a question about Halo’s excitement for summer break, but Halo replied he likes school and isn’t that keen on leaving.

“Is one of the reasons that you don’t wanna get out of school is maybe because of a interest in a young female maybe?” Chainz continued, to which Halo replied, “maybe.”

The show’s summary reads that the podcast will follow the dad and son duo as they “discuss all things ranging from sports, news, life updates and course the lovely lady in our lives.”

“Consider this your bird’s eye view into our father and son dynamic, and most importantly you can always expect us to keep it ‘TRU,” it reads.

The adorable podcast emerges as 2 Chainz begins to transition away from rap into other business ventures. He recently said he’s thinking about even starting his own venture capital fund.

You know I’m a part of a few funds,” the Dope Don’t Sell Itself lyricist said in an Instagram Live video. “VC funds, private equity stuff that I’m seriously thinking about starting my own fund where I can connect the dots be the bridge between people that don’t get these opportunities that I be getting, right?”

He continued, “So let me know if I did something in the private equity field would you be interested in trusting me? Even if you don’t I’m still like rich or whatever. I have a lot of these opportunities I’m investing in a lot of stuff and yeah.”

Check out the first episode of Me & Halo below.

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