YK Osiris Attempts Milk Crate Challenge & Fails In Epic Fashion

The Milk Crate Challenge is the latest trend to take social media by storm. Unlike most challenges, there’s a lot of pain in the dangerous viral videos going around with those giving their best shot. YK Osiris was one of the first rappers to hop in and try to walk the tight rope across the milk crates on Sunday (August 22).

Osiris has been the butt-end of jokes in the past, and social media had another laugh at the Def Jam rapper over the weekend. With pressure from Boosie Badazz, the “Worth It” artist got to the top of the milk crate mountain before slipping and taking a hard fall with his back pounding the grass.

YK Osiris winced in pain but quickly got back to his feet while the onlookers laughed at his failed attempt.

“@hesbackagain2021 had me doing this bull shit I almost had the 4,000 damn …. my back hurting like damn lol,” he wrote to Instagram.

The Jacksonville, Florida, native then posted another video of himself laughing and jamming out in the car while joking he was driving himself to the hospital following the scary fall.

While he escaped any sort of serious injury here, YK Osiris also got off scot-free when it came to his 2019 Georgia assault case.

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According to TMZ, YK Osiris — born Osiris Williams — won’t be prosecuted by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office regarding his assault case stemming from an altercation with his girlfriend.

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