Workin’ Moms’ Catherine Reitman Teases What’s to Come for Season 6

If you’re like us, you’ve already binged all of season five of Workin’ Moms on Netflix. Thankfully, star and creator Catherine Reitman assured E! News that she’s workin hard on season six and teased what’s to come.

“We’re deep in shooting it,” she exclusively dished. “And it is just an extraordinary season. I’m just so proud of it. I now can sort of tell energetically, once we’re shooting it, like, ‘How is this going to cut together and how are these storylines going to work next to each other?’ It’s just an awesome season.”

As for what fans can expect? Reitman confirmed that the jaw-dropping finale moment involving husband Nathan (Philip Sternberg, who is her real-life spouse) will play a pivotal role in season six. For those who may need a refresher, season five concluded with Kate (Reitman) answering the door and meeting a young man who claims to be Nathan’s son from a previous relationship.

This surprise blew fans away as, throughout the season, Nathan’s ex, who died suddenly, came up as a way to explain his new passion for fitness and healthy eating. In hindsight, Reitman and her writing team dropped plenty of hints, like, when Nathan mentioned that his late former girlfriend was really focused on having children.

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