Why Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber Decided to “Clear Up” Feud Rumors

And after Hailey and Selena’s recent run-in, it’s clear they’re moving on from any drama. “Hailey and Selena had a great moment together on Saturday and she’s happy they could squash any tension,” a source close to Hailey and Justin tells E! News. “This is something that has been weighing on everyone’s shoulders for years and Hailey feels relieved. Hailey and Selena obviously don’t speak regularly but Hailey is relieved to know if they see each other at events, it won’t feel stressful or awkward.”

As for how Justin feels about Hailey and Selena’s gala moment? The second insider says the “Ghost” singer “is very happy that Hailey and Selena can be cordial in public and put the past behind them.” The source adds, “It’s a relief that they can be in public together and show that there is truly no bad blood.”

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