Watch Jennifer Garner Test a Halloween TikTok Hack on Her Pumpkin

Jennifer Garner is spilling her guts on Instagram.

Trying her hand at a popular TikTok trend, the actress shared a video of herself prepping a pumpkin for carving in a mess-free way. Instead of picking out the sticky insides with her hands, Jennifer use a KitchenAid hand mixer to beat the pumpkin guts.

In the clip, the Alias alum, 50, wears a cozy flannel and black leggings as she goes to work on her jack-o’-lantern, nearly losing her hat in the process. Clearly satisfied with the result, Jennifer marveled at how how easy the seeds were to remove and clean.

She captioned her Instagram Reel, “Spoiler alert: the hand mixer hack works!” and gave credit to the creator of the pumpkin cleaning hack, Barbara “Babs” Costello, also known as “everyone’s grandmother” on TikTok

In Babs’ original tutorial, posted to Instagram on Oct. 20, the influencer shared other genius pumpkin carving tips including: Cut it open from the bottom, use an easily removable dry-erase marker to draw a face, and instead of struggling to make detail cuts with a knife, pound different-shaped cookie cutters through the skin using a mallet.  

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