Watch Hasan Minhaj Apologize for “Trying to Make Jeopardy! Fun”

We’ll take Hasan Minhaj‘s latest apology for 100, Alex.

The comedian recently explained the backlash he received from his Oct. 30 episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! while making an appearance on The Tonight Show.

“This week I was on Celebrity Jeopardy! and now fans of Jeopardy! hate my guts,” Hasan revealed to host Jimmy Fallon Nov. 3. “I have this unique power to piss off dedicated nerds.”

The writer shared that he was on the show to raise money for the International Relief Committee, which gives money to the victims of the Pakistan floods.

“I’m playing the show and I’m passionate,” he continued. “I was just playing with vigor and passion,” to which Jimmy then played a montage of some of Hasan’s most “passionate” moments—jumping up and down when answering questions or adding a little comedy to each response—from the episode.

And how did the 37-year-old feel about his performance on the long running NBC show? “I was into it!” he said, “And if you get it right, hang on the rim!”

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