Virtual FUTURX Event to Discuss Tech, Media & Production

New edition of Argentine industry event FUTURX takes place Aug. 10-12.

432HZ, the Argentine music label and company with areas devoted to leadership, music marketing and promotion and education, is launching its monthly FUTURX event.

The August edition of FUTURX, which takes place Aug. 10-12, will feature one panel each on Tuesday and Wednesday and three conversations on Thursday, all under the umbrella of “Musical Ecosystems of the Future.” Speakers include producer Tweety Gonzalez, who will chat with artists Eduardo Cabra and Marian Ruzzi; digital and cultural marketers Adel Hattem, Malfi Dorantes and Martín Giraldo; Judith Gómez Machado of TikTok in Latin America; and Billboard’s Latin VP, Leila Cobo, speaking with Billboard Argentina editor Santiago Torres.

Registration is required to attend the event, and can be accessed here.

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