Untangling the Drama Between Darren Star and the Real Emily in Paris

Sacré bleu! We did not expect this Emily in Paris drama.

Darren Star is facing controversy after one of his writers, author Deborah Copaken, alleged in her memoir Ladyparts that the TV legend never properly credited her for her work on the Netflix comedy. For the record, Star’s team has since called this allegation “blatantly false.”

In the just-released tome, Copaken claims that Star turned to her after he sold the initial show concept to the Paramount Network, which was Emily in Paris‘ home prior to moving to Netflix. Why turn to Copaken? Well, because she had previously worked as a consultant for the TV triple threat’s show Younger. Not to mention, she had literally once been an American in Paris in her twenties, much like the titular role played by Lily Collins.

Per Copaken, Star, who she considered a good friend, paid her $5,000 and promised to give her a spot in the writers’ room and her own script for the season. In an excerpt obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Copaken wrote of her feelings at the time, “He’s a good enough friend that I trust he both knows what he’s talking about and would never deliberately keep money out of my pocket or a credit off my résumé.”

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