Tyler, The Creator Explains Jadakiss Love Affair: ‘That Man Cares’

Even though he grew up on the West Coast, Tyler, The Creator was still a fan of The LOX and recognized their dominance on the other side of the country.

Following The LOX’s destruction of Dipset in Verzuz this week, Tyler hopped in the battle’s comments to show major love to Jadakiss as his “crush” and gave him his flowers as a legend in the game. Tyler recently expanded on his adoration for Jada during his Hot 97 interview with Ebro in the Morning on Friday (August 6).

“Jadakiss was so ill the other night,” he said. “I was like, ‘This gonna be cool, but I think Dipset got this, right?’ Bro, that man cares. He gives a fuck! Every time he would perform, him and Styles P, it wouldn’t be 80 n-ggas onstage. I just noticed it was space.

Tyler continued, “He made it a point to say, ‘We are home, where rap started. We feed our family because we use our voice over instrumentals, why the fuck are y’all n-ggas rapping over the songs?’ He wasn’t too cool to care. When Jadakiss said that, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m in love with this n-gga.”

Tyler, The Creator also touched on how Lil Durk telling him he had the best performance of the night at the 2021 BET Awards meant a lot to him to get Durk’s approval.

“Having Durk, who I’m like, ‘Man, that n-gga probably don’t know I exist.’ But I know who Durk is, I’m on Akademiks all the time,” Tyler said. “But having him walk up, ‘Bro, you had the best performance of the night.’ That meant something because we have something so in common, and although the output is different, it’s still coming from the same place and that shit meant a lot. Super shout-out to BET for allowing me to do that. It felt good.”

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Watch the entire interview below, which finds the Call Me If You Get Lost rapper giving Jadakiss his flowers around the 57-minute mark.

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