Tracee Ellis Ross On Black-ish’s Hair Episode

Tracee Ellis Ross is getting to the root of her Black-ish hair journey. 

The actress is opening up about how the famous ABC sitcom depicted Black hair, including a famous 2020 episode entitled “Hair Day.” And although the season six episode premiered to largely positive reviews, Tracee exclusively shared with E! News that the story—in which Bo’s daughter Diane (Marsai Martin) grapples with the decision to relax her hair—isn’t one she would replicate. 

“Honestly, that episode, Marsai and I had nothing to do with,” she explained. “The writers did that. They plugged us into it. We didn’t even know it was coming. It was a beautiful episode and it was wonderful, but it really had nothing to do with the kind of story I wanted to tell.”

Tracee says Marsai, 18, felt the same way—which is something they discuss in Tracee’s upcoming docuseries The Hair Tales, in which she interviews the young actress about her burgeoning journey with natural hair. 

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