Tia Mowry Spills About the Sister, Sister Group Chat

Now that everybody knows, they ain’t ever gonna let each other go.

Tia Mowry confirmed that there is, in fact, a running group text between some Sister, Sister cast members—but it’s smaller than you might think.

“There is a Sister, Sister text chain and actually, the only person on it is Marques Houston,” Tia exclusively told E! News with a laugh. “It’s myself, Tamera [Mowry] and Marques Houston and the chain is called ‘Sister, Sister.'”

As for what this trio sends in the group chat, Tia explained that it’s a mix of check-ins and showing love. She noted, “We’ll randomly hop in and be like, ‘Hey, how you doing? How’s it going? Love you. Miss you.'”

But just because Tia, Tamera and Marques—who played Roger on the ’90s series—are the only ones in that chain doesn’t mean Tia doesn’t keep up with her other Sister, Sister co-stars.

“Often people ask me, ‘Do you still keep in contact with the people that you work with?’ I do,” she said. “You’re on set every single day for years. You build this bond. I’m a very loyal person. So you know, I still communicate with pretty much every person that I’ve worked with.”

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