The Weeknd Surprises Fans With New ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ Video Six Years After Its Release

Nostalgia is the name of the game — that is, if The Weeknd has anything to say about it. The “Take My Breath” singer decided to take things back to 2015 when “Can’t Feel My Face” ruled the airwaves by treating fans to a brand new, alternate video to accompany the song on Thursday (Sept. 2).

The video starts off with The Weeknd and his love interest sharing moments together in a bedroom, with the singer fully clothed, and his girl half dressed in a bra and jeans. The pair then make their way outside for a steamy night out on the town, hitting up a club to go dancing. Though their connection seems electric while they dance, The Weeknd is temporarily abandoned by the girl when she goes to the bathroom to get up close and personal with another gal.

After leaving the club, the girl is a mess of emotions — she’s both crying outside of a convenience store with The Weeknd doing little to console her, and shown sharing an intimate moment with the singer in a cab, before cutting to scenes of her dancing and sprinting. By dawn, the girl goes to bed, while The Weeknd contemplates the night’s events.

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