‘The Voice’s Cara Brindisi & Jay Allen Armor Up in ‘Leather & Lace’ for Battle Round: Watch

The Voice‘s season 22 lineup continues to be whittled down during the Battle Rounds, which saw contestants Cara Brindisi and Jay Allen going head to head on Monday night’s (Oct. 17) episode for a spot on coach Gwen Stefani‘s team. The two performed a stunning duet of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley‘s 1981 track, “Leather and Lace.”


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After Brindisi and Allen took turns singing pairs of lines from the song — which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 — the duo employed a fitting country twang for the track that soared as the chorus rolled around.

“Lovers forever, face to face/ My city, your mountains/ Stay with me, stay/ I need you to love me, I need you today/ Give to me your leather/ Take from me my lace,” the pair harmonized, with Brindisi going for a softer tone and Allen opting for a stronger belt.

John Legend started off the commentary. “Cara, you were like so perfect. I love when you were whispering. I love when you were belted a little bit more and it just relaxed me,” he said. “Jay, the power of your voice, the raspiness … it was just a little more compelling to me, so I pick Jay.”

Blake Shelton also agreed with Legend’s reasoning, and brought in his country expertise into this critique. “I feel like Jay has the more Stevie Nicks approach to his vocal, and you definitely stepped into that role. And man, it sounded good,” he said, adding that he picked Jay as the winner of the battle.

Stefani then stepped up to the plate to give a decision on who to keep for her team. “One of the things that Jay needed to work on, his voice is so powerful that it was coming out too much, and I’m so proud of you because you took the advice and went to another level. Cara, your voice is so soothing and there’s a confidence that has to come with that,” she told the pair and noted that her decision was a difficult one before ultimately picking Brindisi to keep.

After extending a gracious thank you to the coaches, Allen headed off stage thinking he was headed back to Nashville, but was later saved by Stefani in a split-second decision. “Well, honestly that was such a hard one for me and it was so confusing because I knew I wanted to save Jay,” she said, before Shelton slammed down his buzzer and cut in with, “What if somebody wanted to steal Jay?”

Citing his near 10-year stint in Nashville, his love of country music and Shelton’s status in the genre, Allen switched over to the country star’s team.

Watch Cara Brindisi and Jay Allen’s Voice battle below.

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