The Recording Academy, ASU & Berklee Launch Survey to Measure Women’s Industry Representation

The survey, which can be taken here, is open through Sept. 20.

“We continue to embrace our responsibility to inspire and influence meaningful change for women in music,” said Valeisha Butterfield Jones, co-president of the Recording Academy, in a statement. “The Women In The Mix study is the next key step in our commitment to deliver on this important work. Participation is mission-critical to gathering strong data to accelerate progress, and we encourage anyone working in music who identifies as a woman or as gender-expansive to take this survey and ask others in their music networks to do the same.”

“This survey will help us better understand the realities and aspirations of our peers and what crucial steps we as an industry must take to create a better world for women and gender-expansive people in music,” added co-president Panos A. Panay.

The study will measure how progress for women has changed since a 2019 study by Berklee and Women in Music and identify where work is needed.

The move is the latest by the Academy to address women’s representation in music. In 2019, the organization launched Women In the Mix, which prompted hundreds of music professionals and organizations to pledge to consider at least two women in the selection process every time a producer or engineer is hired. The Academy also has an initiative to double the number of women voters by 2025.

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