The Most Shocking Revelations From Danny Masterson’s Rape Trial

What did accuser Jen B. testify about Scientology and Danny Masterson?

Witness testimony began with Jen B. taking the stand for the prosecution. She testified about being a Scientologist her whole life, her parents already members of the church when she was born, and her closest friends all being from that circle. Because, she said, “growing up in Scientology, there’s policies about non-Scientologists.” 

She met Masterson when she was about 24 and her fiancé was playing on an amateur softball team with the actor, the now-48-year-old recalled.

On the September 2002 night that she said resulted in Masterson initiating non-consensual anal sex, Jen testified that there was a lot of drunken laughter on her part when he started kissing her. She remembered him ordering her a greyhound at the bar and then giving her a clear beverage once they got to the house.

“I’m looking at his face and I’m like, What are we doing, this is stupid,” she said. “I’d sort of get tired… I was so confused… and then I thought it was the funniest thing and I just kept laughing. I don’t know why I kept laughing. It was ridiculous.” Then, Jen continued, “Next thing I remember was him moving my body… and then I was on my stomach and I felt this really sharp pain in my rear side.”

Kissing him “almost felt incestuous,” Jen explained. “We’re such a tight group of friends. He was my best friend’s boss…’more like a brother is what it felt like—sometimes like a mean brother, but it kind of varied depending if he was drinking.” She said that when she felt his penis inside her vagina, she became more alert, but then when he turned her around she felt “disoriented.” She at first didn’t realize she was being penetrated anally, she continued, but then “I literally was like such in pain… I just screamed ‘no’ out loud.”

The next morning, Jen said, she had a terrible headache and was nauseous. She didn’t know if he had ejaculated or not, and she went into the bathroom, she explained, mainly to check for evidence of whether he had used a condom. She said she didn’t find any sign of one. Masterson wasn’t home when she woke up, and she left.

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