Teen Mom’s Briana DeJesus Confirms She’s Single 3 Months After Javi Gonzalez Engagement

It sounds like she’s been making the most of her co-parenting relationships with her exes. When one fan asked, “Is Devion still in Nova’s life? Like does he still come see her and Stella,” she replied, “Of course.” 

The Florida native said she has “stopped complaining” about co-parenting, but hinted there’s some tea to spill. As she put it, “everything has been gravy but just bc I don’t complain anymore doesn’t mean anything has changed. Still the same situation since day 1.”

Though she loves her girls, DeJesus also admitted she’s done having kids. “Hell no,” she said when a user wondered if she was pregnant. “Thought I wanted another one but then I look at nova and Stella and they are growing up and I think I’m over the newborn/toddler stage,” she explained. 

Earlier this month, she shared a photo of her two grown-up girls all ready for school. “I officially got a 4th grader and a pre-Kindergartner,” she said, along with a sobbing emoji.  

She added that she’s hoping to move to Texas soon.

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