Taylor Swift Unveils More Lyrics in Nashville & Brazil at Stroke of Midnight, Just Like ‘Clockwork’

Swifties have just two more days to wait until the release of Taylor Swift‘s Midnights, and the pop star is building up the anticipation by offering them sparse clues and details to find. That includes cryptic billboards she’s started placing in partnership with Spotify in random cities across the world, programmed to reveal one lyric at a time from the new record, always at 12 a.m. sharp.

One of two new lyric reveals went live via a billboard placed in a São Paulo, Brazil, train station at midnight local time (11 p.m. ET), showcasing in bright purple lettering and the lyric: “Just like clockwork, the dominoes cascaded in a line.”

A second billboard popped up an hour later (12 a.m. ET) on the side of Nashville’s 1720 West End building, displaying the words “Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room?”

“Now I’m standing alone in a crowded room… in Nashville,” read a post about the second billboard on Spotify’s official Twitter account, referencing a lyric from Swift’s Speak Now track “Story of Us.”

Swift first began hiding Midnights lyrics in plain sight on Monday (Oct. 17), when she and Spotify staged an electronic billboard in the mecca of electronic billboards: New York City’s Times Square. At the stroke of midnight, a massive vertical sign on one end of the plaza lit up with the lyric “I should not be left to my own devices.”

Next, the singer-songwriter unveiled a billboard in London revealing just five words of a Midnights song:  “I polish up real nice.”

These metropolitan lyric reveals are just one of several ways Swift has been teaming up with Spotify during the rollout of Midnights, her 10th studio album arriving Friday (Oct. 21). The 11-time Grammy winner has also been sharing exclusive videos with her fans via the music streaming service explaining her sources of inspiration for the record; “self-loathing,” “fantasizing about revenge,” “wondering what might have been” and “falling in love” make up the topics of four of the five total videos that have been uploaded to the Midnights Spotify pre-save page so far.

Come midnight Thursday morning (Oct. 20), fans may very well have another lyric billboard to pore over — only time will tell. It is, however, confirmed that a teaser for Midnights will air during the third quarter of Thursday Night Football that same day.

See Taylor Swift’s new lyric reveal billboards in Nashville and São Paulo below:

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