T.I. Says Gun Control In America ‘Sounds Like An Oxymoron’

T.I. has a few suggestions to create a better gun control system in America, even if he doesn’t necessarily believe that’s a possibility.

On the latest episode of Comedy Central’s Hell Of A Week with Charlamagne Tha God, Tip and fellow panelists Tommy Davidson and Kristen Soltis Anderson were asked to weigh in on the case of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley.

After Crumbley was charged with killing four students and injuring seven others in Oxford Michigan last November, his parents Jennifer and James Crumbley were also charged with involuntary manslaughter, per CNN. The conversation eventually turned to gun control.

According to AllHipHop, during an un-aired portion of the taping, T.I. expressed that he’s not convinced the United States can ever truly embrace gun control.

“Gun control in this country – that sounds like an oxymoron, a little bit,” he said. “The country was founded on firepower, who has the most ability to pose the biggest threat.”

T.I., who spent a year in prison following a 2009 conviction for possession of machine guns and possession of firearms by a convicted felon, also shared his thoughts about how lenient he finds the current gun laws to be.

“How about more than just an ID to get [a firearm]? They already do background checks, that’s not necessarily enough because they don’t arrest for you being a crazy white person. As long as you have managed to bypass the legal system and you’re 21, that’s all you need.

He continued: “And once you get a license, with any other license you can have – whether it’s a driver’s license, a barber’s license, a CDL license – you have to renew it. At a certain period of time they reevaluate whether or not you should be eligible to still have this license – are you responsible? A gun license you can get at 18 and keep it until you’re 80. And people change.”

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While that part of the conversation did not make it to the final cut of the episode, T.I. did comment on air about the fact that he would fall under much more scrutiny in the same situation.

“I would love to experience this level of freedom,” he quipped towards the end of the segment. “Because I know if I were to go into a gun store and ask for any type of firearm and ammunition, people would be notified immediately.”

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As his panel of guests chimed in on the idea of whether parents are responsible for the actions of their sons, Charlamagne Tha God hinted at how T.I. has found himself having to answer for his son, King Harris’ recent headline making moments.

The incidents included a verbal altercation between the younger Harris and a Waffle House employee in May and an arrest for an unspecified infraction in August. T.I. sent a stern message to King in an Instagram video right after the arrest, warning his son he’ll wind up in prison if he keeps up the bad behavior.

“Small request, stop hitting me … getting in my comments … tellin’ me what to tell King,” the trap pioneer said. “I know my son, think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and his grandmamas? His ass goin’ to prison! If he got damn keep this shit up, his ass goin’ to prison.

“Can’t nobody stop it but him. I’ve already made my peace with it because I know that energy. I was that energy. I know exactly how it’s gonna turn out.”

In September, Boosie Badazz revealed that he and T.I. were working on a reality show in which they would address the challenges they’ve faced in raising their sons. Boosie’s son Tootie was arrested alongside King Harris, as the two had been driving around together.

“We finna do a reality show with our kids called Raw Ass Kids,”  We finna do a reality show with Tootie and King, so we going to put an album together and knock it out, too.”

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