Step Inside Ellen Pompeo’s Gorgeous Malibu Beach House

Ellen Pompeo is showing off the anatomy of her house. 

The Grey’s Anatomy star, who announced her departure from the ABC show earlier this month after nearly two decades, recently gave a tour of her Malibu beach house in a video for Architectural Digest.

“I am entering a very exciting phase of my life, if I do say so myself,” she told the outlet. “I’m starting on a new show for Hulu in March, but right now I have a lot of free time.”

Ellen revealed that she worked on her McDreamy beach home with her friend and interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who she credits for a her DeSede patchwork leather sofa from the ’60s. The piece, Ellen noted, is where the two built most of their inspiration from. 

As for what her favorite part of her home, Ellen named her bar cart as one of them.

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