Offset Fends Off Lizzo’s ‘Fat-Phobic’ Haters After TMZ Blindside

Beverly Hills, CA – Lizzo captured the music community’s attention after sharing a tearful Instagram video of herself crying about the online bullying she’s received in the wake of “Rumors,” her collaboration with Cardi B.

The Grammy Award-winning singer questioned why so many “fat-phobic” and “racist” comments are thrown her way when she’s simply trying to spread nothing but love and positivity. After finding support from Cardi B, now her husband Offset is chiming in on the situation.

TMZ caught up with the Migos rapper in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (August 18) and asked what he thought about the controversy.

“Let these beautiful Black women be great,” he said. “Stop judging. We work hard being entertainers for the world.”

In the wake of Lizzo’s video, Facebook decided to scrub the negative comments from her posts. Offset agreed it was “the right thing to do.”

Facebook has already removed dozens of inflammatory remarks and vowed to review reports of negative comments on an “ongoing basis.” Sources say Facebook will also be removing any accounts of users who consistently break community guidelines around hate speech, harassment and bullying.

Lizzo Breaks Down In Tears After Criticism Over Cardi B ‘Rumors’ Video: ‘It’s Fat-Phobic, Racist + Hurtful’

Lizzo uploaded the video on Sunday (August 15) and explained, “Sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back. It’s like it doesn’t matter how much positive energy you put into the world, you’re still going to have people who have something mean to say about you.

“And for the most part it doesn’t hurt my feelings; I don’t care. I just think when I’m working this hard, my tolerance gets lower. My patience is lower. I’m more sensitive and it gets to me.”

Cardi B immediately came to her defense and tweeted, “When you stand up for yourself they claim your problematic & sensitive. When you don’t they tear you apart until you crying like this. Whether you skinny, big, plastic, they going to always try to put their insecurities on you. Remember these are nerds looking at the popular table.”

Check out her comments below.

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