O-T Fagbenle Explains How Luke Escaped in The Handmaid’s Tale

Don’t worry: O-T Fagbenle knows about that Handmaid’s Tale plot hole. 

“The powers that be—we’re aware that it didn’t come on-screen!” the actor, who plays husband Luke Bankole to Elisabeth Moss‘ June Osborne, joked exclusively to E! News. “Okay?!”

Fagbenle is referring to Oct. 19’s episode of the long-running dystopian series, which largely focuses on June aiding Serena (Yvonne Strahovski) as she has to unexpectedly give birth in a barn following their escape from the Wheelers. But, at the end of the episode, Luke shows up at the Canadian hospital—seemingly unharmed after being captured by the family’s team himself.

So, what, exactly, happened to Luke after he was dragged away in that shady-looking van? 

“There are some hints to this, but basically what happened is Luke gets pulled away, he gets put in the back of a van, he gets driven up, and they’ve got no use for him,” he explained. “He has no value. So they kick him out, back on the side of the road. He just walks back. Eventually, he gets a ride, a phone, an Uber.”

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