Nina Dobrev & Julianne Hough Share New Year’s Eve Looks to Help You Ring in 2022

E!: Do you prefer to have a dressed up New Year’s Eve or to do something more casual?
ND: It just depends on the year and what’s going on and what kind of night you’re having, especially because the last couple years we didn’t get to dress up, it’s probably a great excuse to do so, even if you don’t leave the house. Who doesn’t love to put on a black dress and some heels? That’d be nice.

JH: I have two different traditions. If I would be at my dad’s house for instance, he does omelet nights, where the doors are open and people just come in for omelets. If it’s an adult party, then I definitely want to get dressed up and feel cute, beyond, ‘oh, yeah, I showered today.’ I think this year it depends on when I get back from my retreat. I might want to see a couple of friends, and if that’s the case I will probably dress up and put on a nice lipstick. I always feel like when I wear a red lip that it’s super festive and makes me feel like it’s nighttime, you know? 

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