Nicki Minaj Slams CNN’s Don Lemon + His ‘Little Dick’ As Swollen Testicles Debate Continues

Nicki Minaj sparked a massive debate on Twitter earlier this week when she asserted she needed to do more “research” on the COVID-19 vaccine before she agreed to get it.

Among the most inflammatory remarks was her claim her Trinidadian cousin’s friend became impotent after taking the vaccine, which led to swollen testicles. 

As the jokes erupted on social media, late-night television shows and even national news, Nicki remained defiant, sparring with television host Joy-An Reid and anyone else who crossed her.

Now, Nicki Minaj has set her sights on CNN anchor Don Lemon who had some thoughts regarding the “swollen testicles” theory during Wednesday’s (September 15) episode of Cuomo Prime Time. 

“The people who aided and abetted Trump are stupid because they believed his big lie,” Lemon said, referencing the former president. “The people who are not getting vaccines, who are believing the lies on the internet instead of science, it’s time to start shaming them or leave them behind because they are keeping the majority of Americans behind.”

He continued, “The people talking about, ‘I don’t know what’s in the shot. You know what they get shots in nowadays? In their rear ends, they’re getting shots to make it bigger. They’re getting shots in their face. They don’t know what’s in Botox … You don’t have to listen to a minority of people who are being harmful to the greater good and who are not acting on logic, reason, and science.”

Nicki was incensed by Lemon’s remarks and went on Instagram to slam the longtime reporter for insinuating she’d prefer to get Botox injections than take a potentially life-saving vaccine.

“Now if I start discussing what you get in YOUR rear end, I’d be wrong right?” she wrote. “If you’re ever discussing facts with a person who’s telling you how to buy, or get smthng & you go ‘ok cool, tell me more about it’ and they start insulting you, RUN.”

Adding, “he couldn’t wait to deliver that line. He rehearsed it all night. Def has a little dick. Mad cuz the shot couldn’t fix THAT. 3-4 inches max.”

Nicki Minaj was offered a call with the White House soon after the “swollen testicles” theory started to travel. While Nicki was open to the invitation, she misunderstood the offer.

Lemon later clarified it was simply a phone call with the White House health officials and not a trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Nicki Minaj Offered Call With The White House Following COVID-19 Vaccine Debacle

“A source tells CNN that @NICKIMINAJ was offered a conversation with a doctor to clarify the efficacy and side effects of the vaccine not a visit to the White House,” he tweeted on Wednesday. “A White House statement is coming shortly.”

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